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Ring Sizing Guide

If you have in your possession a ring that fits you well but don’t know its size, you can find it out using this wonderful method.

You will need a ruler or some measuring tape. Place the ring on the ruler and count how many millimeters are in the diameter of the inside of the ring. Compare that number with the numbers in the Sizing Chart.

It is recommended to use a thin, round ring so that the results are as accurate as possible.

ARIA jewelry ring size.PNG

Finger Size

In order to measure the size of the finger, you will need a few things:

A pen

A ruler/measuring tape

A piece of paper

A few minutes of concentration (:


Next, follow these steps –

Take the sliver of paper and wrap it tightly around the finger.

Mark the connection point using a pen:

The connection point where the paper feels like a real, comfortable ring – not too tight and not sliding off the finger.

All that is left is to unwrap the paper and measure it using the ruler in millimeters.

You can find the resulting size in the Sizing Chart.

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